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AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps.
It is an open web-application framework maintained by google and a community of individual developers.
Its goal is to simplify both development and testing of such applications by providing a framework for client-side model-via-controller (MVC) architecture.


To learn this course you should have minimum knowledge of jQuery,ajax, MVC.

AngularJS Options

2 weeks

AngularJS Syllabus

  1. Introduction to AngularJS
  2. MVC Architecture
  3. Conceptual Overview
  4. Setting up the Environment
  5. First Application
  6. Understanding ng attributes
  1. Number and String Expressions
  2. Object Binding and Expressions
  3. Working with Arrays
  4. Forgiving Behavior
  5. Understanding Data binding
  1. Introduction
  2. Core Directives
  3. Conditional Directives
  4. Styles Directives
  5. Mouse and Keyboard Events Directives
  1. Understanding Controllers
  2. Programming Controllers & $scope object
  3. Adding Behavior to a Scope Object
  4. Passing Parameters to the Methods
  5. Having Array as members in Controller Scope.
  6. Nested Controllers and Scope Inheritance.
  7. Multiple Controllers and their scopes
  1. Purpose of Filters
  2. Built-In Filters
  3. Uppercase and Lowercase Filters
  4. Currency and Number Formatting Filters
  5. OrderBy Filter
  6. Filter Filter
  7. Creating Custom Filter
  1. Using Simple Form
  2. Working with Select and Options
  3. Input Validations
  4. Using CSS classes
  5. Form Events
  6. Custom Model update triggers
  7. Custom Validations
  1. Why Module?
  2. Module Loading and Dependencies
  3. Recommended Setup of Application
  4. Creation vs Retrieval.
  1. Understanding Services
  2. Developing Creating Services
  3. Using a Service
  4. Injecting Dependencies in a Service
  1. $http Service
  2. $q Service
  3. Ajax Impl using $http and $q Service
  1. Introduction to SPA
  2. Creating HTML Templates
  3. Configuring Route Provider.

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