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Design Pattern Training


This training course is an introduction to software design patterns. Each pattern represents a best practice solution to a software problem in a specific context. The design pattern course covers the benefits of object-oriented software design patterns with easy to understand examples.

Design Pattern Training Objectives

At the end of Design Pattern training , students will be able to:

  • Students will be demonstrated thorough understanding of patterns and their underlying object oriented concepts and be able to implement design patterns in C# to provide solutions to real world software design problems.
  • Upon completion of this course, you should be able to demonstrate a thorough knowledge of several design patterns.
  • For each pattern you will be able to:
    1. Indicate which underlying object oriented design principle(s) it is based on.
    2. Explain the reasoning for each object oriented design principle.
    3. Explain what specific object oriented design problem the pattern solves.
    4. Provide a specific context for each pattern in which it can be applied.
    5. Draw a high level class diagram in UML for each pattern.
    6. Explain how the different components of the pattern collaborate with each other.
    7. List the consequences of applying each pattern to the overall software quality of a system.
    8. Implement this pattern in Java or C# to a real world problem.


Participants must have a prior knowledge of any object oriented programming language i.e. MS.NET,Java,PHP,C++.

Design Pattern Training Options

15 Days

Design Pattern Training Syllabus

  1. Abstract Factory
  2. Builder
  3. Factory Methods
  4. Prototype
  5. Singleton
  1. Adapter
  2. Bridge
  3. Composite
  4. Decorator
  5. Facade
  6. Flyweight
  7. Proxy
  1. Chain of responsibility
  2. Command
  3. Interpreter
  4. Iterator
  5. Mediator
  6. Memento
  7. Observer
  8. State
  9. Template Method
  10. Strategy
  11. Visitor
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