"I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate people and hope they were entertained."
-Walt Disney
why deccansoft

Deccansoft Brand synonym with Quality High-Tech software training

Training and Teaching Methodology
  1. We follow classic cum modern imparting methodology.
  2. Students are taught the concept and relative application online plus explanation on board. Students understand the concept on board and examples developed by experts through online.
  3. This helps Deccansoft to maintain consistency in training delivery and assure quality in imparting.
  1. At Deccansoft, you’ll have access to state-of-the-art lab with one to one pc for practice. At lab, you can work for any number of hours during the working hours in weekdays.
  2. Air Conditioned classrooms and labs help student and trainer to be more attentive and fight fatigue. (An often the case with working professional).
The quality and effectiveness of any training program depends on the instructors.
  1. Deccansoft instructors are professionals, who are knowledgeable and have real-world experience in application development.
  2. The interactive session conducted during the class helps student to clear the concept and learn faster.
  3. With rich experience in technology consulting, providing solutions for complex and diverse problems to corporate, all our instructors are well informed and conversant about the latest technological advancement in their specialization. Which eventually, enables them to impart technology beyond course content and help the students in overall understanding of applications.
Course Curriculum
We design and provide meaningful course content that focuses not just on software functionality, but also on how to get real work done. All our training manuals and the practice exercises are developed in-house and are specifically tailored based on industry needs. This personalized approach is the hallmark of Deccansoft. Our experience and expertise dramatically help you to enhance your capacity to develop the precise instructed solution that will positively impact your bottom line.
  1. Constant Research and development ensure that our curriculum is up to date and industry relevant with reference to new technological advancement.
  2. Course content that strikes a balance between concepts and tool based learning.
Centrally Located
We are located in the heart of Secunderabad (Paradise Circle). You can find buses to reach or come from any part of the twin city.
Learned Students
Our student forum coming from varied background and different specialization area help share their practical technical and problem solving skills. This helps students in understanding more with their peers working in big corporates.
Deccansoft Brand
A widely recognized organization, which commands loyalty among its alumni and goodwill among the corporate for its quality and consistent training program.