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Everything you need to know about our Company


Deccansoft is a professionally managed organization, providing automated solutions for your business needs in Latest Software and Internet technologies like MS.NET, Java-Java EE and Mobile technologies. We provide Software Engineering and IT organizations with a range of solutions and services in the areas of Application Development, Maintenance, Embedded Systems, Software Testing and Quality Assurance. Our superior methodologies, standards, processes, quality, and project management help us execute projects that often exceed client expectations. Deccansoft Software Services manages client products and development of software and websites. It has two child sites - BestDotNetTraining and AzureA2Z. BestDotNetTraining handles training and coaching of both new entrants and experienced individuals in the field of software, coding and technology development. AzureA2Z was created with the sole intention of providing users with knowledge about all types of Azure certifications. True to its name of A2Z, it provides users with exams, courses, news, forums, tutorials and everything related to Microsoft Azure. In recent times, Deccansoft Software Services aims to bring education and training to the users and hence has undertaken multiple remote projects as well as has doubled its efforts by providing free tutorials, webinars and topic introductions. All these are brought by the highly dedicated and experienced team at Deccansoft, straight to the comfort of the homes.

Our History

Founded in 1997, Deccansoft raised capital from its founding members Mr. Sandeep Soni & Mr. Rahul Rampurkar. Deccansoft has received numerous accolades and is rated as one of Best Software Training Center for Microsoft and Java. Deccansoft has already trained more than 1, 50,000 candidates who have been placed around the world in various blue chip companies.

Our Mission

"To deliver distinctive services to our clients, by adhering to Deccansoft Code of Ethics, Service Promises, and working in line with our vision statements"

Our Vision

"To be recognized as a valued resource in delivering quality, with our Knowledge, and innovative thoughts in developing business critical solutions for our clients across the globe"
Corporate Trainings
CEO & Founder

Sandeep Soni

A Software Architect, Project Manager, Corporate Trainer, Technical Speaker and Writer and working in Microsoft Technologies since year 1997.

Sandeep is a multifaceted personality excelling with the training and is an extremely efficient Software Architect for various development Projects at Deccansoft Software Services. He has passion towards Software Training and is highly experienced in delivering customized training as per the needs of the client. He specializes in writing performance-oriented code and believes firmly in transforming his students with the same approach in building applications.


"One of the reasons of my successful training sessions is my ability to engage attendees to such an extent that they can visualize the entire process of development as well as the end result. I have personally trained more than 2 Lakh attendees and conducted 200+ corporate trainings. Today, when I look back, it looks like a long journey but teaching is my passion and even today I transform my students with same energy and enthusiasm as it was years ago and feel proud about it. When I found limitations in our classroom training in terms of geographical reach, I decided on providing rich training content online. Deccansoft Software Services has been in strong growth trajectory since inception and now I plan to bring it to global audience through our online training vertical http://www.bestdotnettraining.com and https://azurea2z.com/. Our investment on these vertical has been increasing over the period of last few years and results are very encouraging."

Rahul Rampurkar

Rahul Rampurkar

Mr. Rahul Rampurkar is Deccansoft's Co-Founder, an Ace trainer and a perfectionist who believes in giving the real essence of technology to the learner. This uniqueness has made him earn a strong foothold in the I.T training industry. He has 25+ years of IT experience. He is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Certified Data Scientist (DP-100), AWS Certified Solutions Architect, and an Expert in Java & Python. His expertise includes Oracle, Java, Java EE, XML and Web Services.

He is Sun Certified Java Architect and Microsoft Certified Professional for SQL Server. He handles projects related to Java Platform and also gets involved in Database design and related issues. He plays vital role as an Architect. He brings over 19 years experience in managing, developing and executing information technology systems within the wireless, high tech XP (Extreme Programming) Methodologies, Mobile Agent concepts, also focuses on long term and short term technology directions of Deccansoft. He has managed trained, mentored and coached hundreds of top professionals in the field.

Vandana Soni

Vandana Soni

Mrs. Vandana Soni is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Azure Data Engineer Associate, and a Software and Corporate Trainer With 18 years of IT experience, she is adept at technology training including Corporate Training, Live Training, and Online Webinars. She has trained 50,000+ individuals all over the world and delivered 50+ Corporate Training all over India and abroad in the following technologies. She specializes in Data Analytics, SQL Server Training, and giving Certification Guidance to Corporates. As an Azure Data Engineer, she has the confidence in teaching from basics to advanced level topics, covering every aspect in detail. She is considered by all a domain expert in the development of web-based and mobile-based applications for healthcare and education websites. She has also presented Seminars in several leading Engineering Colleges.

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