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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud service from Amazon, which provides services in the form of building blocks, these building blocks can be used to create and deploy any type of application in the cloud.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand computing resources and services in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go pricing. For example, you can run a server on AWS that you can log on to, Configure, secure, and run just as you would a server that's sitting in front of you and it provides many of the same benefits: capacity exactly matches your need, you pay only for what you use.

Deccansoft is the ultimate AWS training institute. We can proudly say that students trained at our institute have very good command on the subject than those trained elsewhere. Course material covering all the topics is given to help the students learn better. Daily assignments and regular assessments are conducted to help groom their technical skills. Good learning environment, regular assistance and well cataloged training procedures are the key features of Deccansoft AWS Training in Hyderabad.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Objectives

  • To use AWS console and the services provided by it.
  • Understand different service models of Cloud Computing.
  • Configuration of eclipse and AWS plugins.
  • To create role for user.
  • To understand AWS bucket.
  • To get deep understanding about EC2 instance.
  • To learn how to use various storage service in AWS.
  • Authenticating and Authorizing users using Access Control Service.
  • The AWS training Course teaches web developers to build and deploy applications on Cloud Computing platform.
  • The training course is designed to provide a comprehensive overview on using the management of AWS Console management and its features.
  • Primary goal behind this training is to teach students how to use various services provided by Amazon web services.


  • Knowledge of Operating Systems.
  • Basics Knowledge of Networking, Knowledge of different types of applications and deployments
  • Understanding of the Difference between Public and Private Cloud Computing
  • Coding skills (Good to Have)
  • Basics knowledge of Java

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Duration

  • Duration: 10 weekends
  • Video based online training by Mr. Rahul Rampurkar
  • Online 1-1 training please send us your request to or call +91 40 27841517 / 27815225 / 8555823343

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training Syllabus

  •  Introduction to Cloud Computing 
  •  Different AWS projects and services  
  •  setting up of the AWS account 
  •  AWS Global Infrastructure and its benefits 
  •  EC2 instances 
  •  Different EC2 Instance purchasing options and placement group
  •  Amazon AMI  
  •  Demo on AMI creation, security groups, key pairs
  •   Traditional storage tiers  
  •   Disadvantages of traditional storage over cloud  
  •   AWS storage options: EBS, S3 & Glacier  
  •   AWS Connecting Storage: Snowball & Storage Gateway
  •  Subnet and Subnet Mask  
  •  VPC and its benefits  
  •  Default and Non-default VPC 
  •  Components of VPC  
  •   Direct Connect

 Different database services of AWS: Amazon RDS, DynamoBD, RedShift, ElastiCache

  •  Components and types of load balancing  
  •  Auto scaling and its benefits  
  •  the lifecycle of auto scaling  
  •  Components and policies of auto scaling 
  • Overview of Route 53  
  • Management tools: CloudTrail, CloudWatch, CloudFormation, and Trusted Advisor
  •  AWS Application Services: SQS, SNS, SES  
  •   AWS Compute Services: Lambda and Elastic Beanstalk


  •  Benefits, features and components of OpsWorks  
  •  Benefits of Chef, Cookbook, Recipes  
  •  OpsWorks lifecycle events  
  •  Security and identity services  
  •  IAM and KMS
  •  Configure a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)  
  •  Create an Application Server within your VPC  
  •  Create a Database Server within your VPC  
  •  Deploy Your App  
  •  Associate a Domain Name with your website

Bikram Singh

Bikram Singh is an excellent trainer with an experience over 2 years and trained more than 10 batches including classroom and online classes. He has good knowledge in java related technologies like Core java and Advanced java,JPA & Ruby On Rails ( ROR ) more

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