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Azure DevOps


 DevOps is a practice that unifies people, process and technology across development and IT in five core practices: planning and tracking, development, build and test, delivery and monitoring and operations. When practicing DevOps, development, IT operations, quality engineering and security teams work closely together— breaking down practices that were once siloed. Improved coordination and collaboration across these disciplines reduces the time between when a change is committed to a system and when the change being placed into production. And, it ensures that standards for security and reliability are met as part of the process. The result: better products, delivered faster, to happier customers.


  • Analyse existing artefact, test management tools and Recommend migration and integration strategies for artefact repositories, source control, test management, and work management.
  • Design and implement an Agile work management approach
  • Analyse existing quality environment and Design a quality strategy
  • Inspect and validate code base, infrastructure for compliance and Design a secure development process
  • Design a tool integration strategy
  • Design a version control strategy
  • Implement and integrate source control
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure
  • Implement pull request strategies, branch and fork strategies and Configure branch policies
  • Implement and manage build infrastructure.
  • Implement a mobile DevOps strategy
  • Managing application configuration and secrets
  • Manage code quality and security policies
  • Implement a container build strategy
  • Implement a build strategy
  • Design a release strategy
  • Set up a release management workflow
  • Implement an appropriate deployment pattern
  • Design a dependency management strategy
  • Manage Azure Kubernetes Service infrastructure.
  • Implement infrastructure compliance and security
  • Implement process for routing system feedback to development teams
  • Optimize feedback mechanisms.


This course is an essential for all those I.T Professionals or Administrators who either directly or indirectly work on or provides solutions on Microsoft Platform for building, maintaining and monitoring enterprise scale applications using latest Cloud Computing features and services.


30 days

Azure DevOps Syllabus


  • Why DevOps?
  •  What is DevOps?
  •  DevOps Market Trends
  •  DevOps Engineer Skills
  •  DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  •  DevOps Ecosystem
  • What is version control
  •  What is Git
  •  Why Git for your organization
  •  Install Git
  •  Common commands in Git
  •  Working with Remote Repositories
  • Introduction to CI/CD
  •  Tasks
  •  YAML Templates
  •  Create .NET Core CI pipeline
  •  Create .NET Core CD pipeline
  •  Sonar cloud integration
  • Private and hosted agents
  •  Integrate third party build systems
  •  Recommend strategy for concurrent pipelines
  •  Manage Azure pipeline configuration (e.g. agent queues, service endpoints, pools, webhooks)
  • Introduction to CI-CD ARM templates
  • Create ARM template
  •  Create and Run ARM deployment CI pipeline
  •  Create and Run ARM deployment CD pipeline
  • Introduction to Azure Key vault
  •  Accessing Secrets from Azure Key Vault 
  • Linking Secrets from Azure Key Vault
  • Introduction to Azure Artifacts
  •  Create NuGet packages and Versioning
  •  Package management with DevOps
  •  Maven packages
  • Jenkins Management 
  • Adding a slave node to Jenkins
  •  Building Delivery Pipeline
  •  Pipeline as a Code
  • Introduction to Selenium
  •  Why Selenium?
  •  Selenium – Webdriver
  •  Creating Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver (Waits)
  •  What and why X-Path
  •  Handling different controls on Webpage
  •  Framework in Selenium
  •  Selenium Integration with Jenkins
  •  Integrating Selenium with Jenkins
  • Database Deployment Azure CI CD

Sandeep Soni

Sandeep has 23 yrs of experience working in various Microsoft Technologies/Platforms incl. VB6.0, ASP, VC++, VB.NET, C#. He is involved in managing and architecting projects at Deccansoft. He will be your liaison to Deccansoft, for any kind of communication and project updates. more

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