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Cyber Security Training


Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-connected systems, including hardware, software and data, from cyberattacks.


How secure is your data?

With the ubiquitous use of technology, the need for cybersecurity cannot be overstated. Industry, government and regular technology users all face numerous threats to the security and privacy of their data. In these lectures, Dr. Prem Uppuluri will discuss the problem of cybersecurity and motivate the need for cybersecurity education for all technology professionals. The lectures will cover the steps malicious hackers take to attack computing infrastructure. While most technology users are familiar with spam, phishing and other common exploits, these lectures will dig deeper to demonstrate how malicious hackers can use the vast quantity of publicly available information on the Internet to identify vulnerabilities and then exploit them. Understanding these steps is an essential first step in the design and development of cyber defense strategies for both corporations and individual users.  Hands on assignments will provide participants with a deeper understanding of how vulnerable our computing infrastructures are to attacks. It will help answer questions such as:

  1. If I connect my computer to the Internet for just a few minutes without adequate protections will that matter?
  2. Can attackers find my newly installed internet web cam?
  3. When I browse the Internet in incognito mode can my actions be tracked?
  4. My data is all on the cloud – isn’t that all the security I need?



There are not prerequisites, but "however a thorough understanding of TCP/IP and a working knowledge of CCNA Security is highly recommended."


  • Duration: 2 weeks
About Trainer:

Dr. Prem Uppuluri is a Professor in the Department of Information Technology and Director of the Center for Information Security at Radford University – a public state university in Virginia, U.S.A.

He also coordinates the cybersecurity curriculum development for the innovative IMPACT program at Radford University ( - a program specifically designed to create cybersecurity expertise among working professionals.

He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the State University of New York, Stony Brook and an M.S in Computer Science from Iowa State University, Ames IA.

Dr.Uppuluri’s research interests are in cybersecurity and cybersecurity education. His work has been funded by several grants from NSA to develop novel pedagogical strategies for cybersecurity education.

Dr. Uppuluri was awarded the ARTIS award for Outstanding Faculty and Service in 2011, Outstanding Teaching Award by the College of Science and Technology at Radford University in 2014 and inducted into the Million Dollar circle at Radford University in 2015. He has served in the U.S. on state and national panels/committees for cybersecurity education.

Cyber Security Training Syllabus

  • The need for cybersecurity education for individuals (1 hour)
  • The regulations: cybersecurity regulations and frameworks in U.S, Europe and India (2 hours)
    • Center for Internet Security Framework (
    • NIST cybersecurity framework
    • Financial regulations
    • GPDR European standards
    • India’s National Cyber Security Policy 2013
  • So much to think about – where do I begin? How to study cybersecurity. (2 hours)
    • Topics in cybersecurity (30 minutes)
    • Foundational topics necessary to be a security expert: Linux, Networking and Basics of the web (HTML, Client Side Scripting)
  • Vulnerabilities that attackers take advantage of – from reconnaissance to hijacking systems. (5 hours)
    • Anatomy of an attack (20 minutes)
    • Reconnaissance techniques (basics) (50 minutes)
    • Exploits (Buffer Overflows, Cross Site Scripting, SQL Injection) (50 minutes)
    • How hackers hijack systems (50 minutes)
    • Summary (30 minutes)

Computer resources required

Attendees must have a laptop with at least 4 GB RAM. They need to have downloaded the following images:

  • Virtualbox or VMware Player
  • Kali Linux (latest edition)
  • Metasploitable 3 


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