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Deccansoft Live Projects

Deccansoft offers opportunity to Engineering students(B.E/B.Tech and MCA) to do Mini projects and Major projects in programming areas like on MS.NET and Java.

Such activity will be implemented at our Software Development Center. Third and Fourth year students of B.E/B.Tech and MCA students are eligible for this program. Students have an opportunity to do IEEE projects and regular projects. Projects will be on various platforms such as MS.NET (VB.NET / C# / ASP.NET) and Java (J2SE / J2EE / Spring).

With the support of our Software Developers and Subject Matter experts, Deccansoft team is offering following benefits for student projects for the current academic year. If your students are interested please contact and they will be able to provide more inputs.

Deccansoft Live Project Details:

  1. All the projects can be done either in JAVA or MS.NET technologies
  2. All the applications will be hosted on CLOUD – Either Microsoft Azure Cloud or Amazon Cloud.
  3. For every project there should be minimum team of 3 students and can have up to 5 max.
  4. For web based applications, Mobile compatibility is mandatory.
  5. Students will have to actively participate in complete project life cycle starting from Project Abstract, Writing Technical Spec Document, Implementation, Testing and Deploying on Desktop/Web/Cloud.
  6. Project will be divided between all the team members equally and daily assessment will be done by an Subject Matter expert.
  7. Students who complete the project on time and demonstrate good skills will be provided placement assistance and will be suitably rewarded with up to 75% fees refund.
Please note that we recommend students can come up with their own idea and Deccansoft team will guide them further in making it a reality.

Sample Project Titles:

  1. SMS Archiver
  2. Secure Citizen Card – Archiving and Securing Multiple ID Cards
  3. Searching Location based Home Tutor
  4. Child Abuse Management System
  5. E-Hospital / My Medical Records
  6. E-Blood Bank
  7. Civil Courts Document Management and Archiving
  8. Online Bus Pass Renewal System.
  9. Hi-Tech Village Management Dashboard
  10. Special Coins and Notes Album and Sale
  11. Searching Location based like-minded Friend Finder
  12. Farm to Home Vegetables
  13. My College Magazine
  14. Find Me Resource in my Location
  15. Learning Management System (LMS)
  16. College Event Management Fund Tracking
  17. Secured Document Management System
  18. My College Experiences
  19. Intelligent Team Collaborator
  20. Online Books Library for Sharing
  21. Baby Vaccine Reminder and Tracker
  22. Easy Team Locator
  23. Active Campus and Student Tracker
  24. Live Bus Location System
  25. Innovative Contact List
  26. Automated ID-Card generator
  27. Two Level Secure Transaction System
  28. Active City Administration
  29. Design and development of Equity Trading Portfolio manager
  30. College Students Placement Automation
  31. Online Meeting and Minutes Manager
  32. Career Counselling App for Web and Mobile
We can as well as arrange IEEE projects if the students insist. For fees and other details please contact Kashmira Shah at 8008327000 or send us email at

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