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Live Project Using MVC


Software Project development requires a lot of other aspects apart from coding like understanding the specifications, requirements and preparing the documentation as per the needs. Result depends upon the way we come across all the important milestones like choosing technology, type of architecture and issues during the development of the project.Most of the people in-spite of knowing MS.NET completely they are not ready to handle the project due to lack of confidence to develop the project independently and are failing to reach industry expectations.


  1. To learn how to implement N-Tier Architecture in a Windows and Web based platforms
  2. To learn how collect requirements and documented the same.
  3. To build an abstract and complete requirement specification document.
  4. To divide project into multiple modules and document the same.
  5. To develop UML diagrams for all important modules.
  6. To design E-R diagrams and create database scheme using SQL Server.
  7. To implement security in website for Admin related pages.
  8. To write Data, DAO and BO classes using LINQ to Entity.
  9. To design and program all ASP.NET Pages using the BO and utility classes.


Must have knowledge of

1.      C# specially OOPS

2.      ASP.NET.

3.      MVC.


Live Project Using MVC Syllabus

  1. Opening & closing Files
  2. Character Input-Output with Files
  3. Formatted Input-Output with Files
  4. String based Input-Output with Files
  5. Command Line Arguments
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