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Real Time Project Training

Image now offers Realtime Project Training which is designed for those who kick start their IT Carrier, so that one can learn how to develop Live Real-time applications and become industry READY professionals.

All this is provided by the expertised professionals at Deccansoft Software Services, who focus on Real Time Training and Implementation Methodologies for developing Real Time Projects.


Department – Employee example using Real- time architecture.


  • In this project, you will learn the concept of Stored Procedures in SQL, how to connect your front-end code with Database, and perform basic CRUD operations used to Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete records from Employee and Department tables in a company's database.
  • You will be working on N-Tire Architecture.It will helps in providing a systematic model by which developers can create flexible and reusable applications.
  • You will incorporate SQL commands in C# using ADO.NET.
  • You will also perform basic Authentication using ASP.NET MVC.

Mini Project – Contacts Manager


  • In this project, you will go one step ahead in programming by segregating the code into various tiers using N-Tier Architecture.Included with User Registration & Login Modules
  • N-tier application architecture helps in providing a systematic model by which developers can create flexible and reusable applications.
  • You will understand the difference between Authentication and Authorization in this Live Project which uses two parts- Admin and User, who has different rights.
  • you will also learn to use Linq Queries and Entity Framework which helps in reducing the lines of code and improve a Programmer's skills with JavaScript & Bootstrap

Major Project – Shopping Cart


  • This is a Major project and takes you to a different Programming level all-together.
  • Here, you will create a complete Shopping Cart application like other e-commerce websites in market.In this project, admin and users will have different Authentication and Authorization rights
  • For example, Admin can add categories and sub-categories; whereas Users can search for items, add items to the cart, request for items, place orders, make payment, give feedback, etc. This can be achieved using Role- based authentication.
  • This project is built using technologies like ASP.NET MVC, Angular, N-tier, Linq and Entity Framework


ASP.Net MVC , Angular , Web API’s


20 days
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