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    I have known Sandeep for more than a decade and introduced/recommended some of the students fresh out of college to go through the training from him. Though i know him for a long time i never got a chance to attend his sessions. Recently I happened to attend his online webinars/classes due to Covid-19 lockdown situation. Being in a leadership role and heading the development teams I used to depend upon online platforms like Pluralsight to keep myself up to date on the latest technologies. But in the last 2 months probably I have gained more knowledge than what I have gained over the past several years. It helped me get deeper into technology. I really appreciate his patience and passion to share/teach each and every detail of the subject/concepts right from ground up. I would definitely recommend Sandeep for freshers / experienced working professionals at all levels.

    Ram Athukuri
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    Azure Solution Architect | TOGAF Certified Enterprise Architect | DevOps Architect. Sandeep Soni is probably one of the best modern-day teachers for IT professionals who want to take their career to the next level. He himself is a great student of the technology who relentlessly keeps upgrading his skills and he does his best in imparting same knowledge to all his students. Sandeep is very talented in teaching fundamental concepts and complex concepts in details and does not stop till all students have understood the concepts. I have taken a few courses with him over the years and I simply love the passion and ingenuity that he brings to his courses. I always recommend Sandeep to anyone who is looking to upgrade their IT skills.

    Kartik Anand
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    Sandeep and myself started our careers almost at the same time, he is vastly experienced in delivering quality content on Microsoft technology stack. He has been an excellent corporate Microsoft stack technology trainer for a long time , long as I know him. I personally like his course content delivery, very methodical, very detailed oriented. He has contributed a lot to the Microsoft community by delivering quality trainings across Microsoft stack. I highly recommend him for all kinds of training requirements on Microsoft stack .

    Tharakarama Mathamsetty
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    Sandeep Soni Sir has been a great Inspiration to me. He tought me how to understand a subject rather then just learning the Subject. "Get your basics right and things will fall in place" was his initial thoughts he inculcates into his students. For me personally more than the Subject, i learned the way to look at things differently and started coding from that attitude. Thank you Sir for being there as my Guru.

    Rajesh Ambati
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    Upgrading to Cloud was a good decision I made. I was working as a .NET Developer, however I realised that adding Cloud skills ...

    Sana Dhanani
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    Deccansoft offers a high caliber of resources skilled in Microsoft Azure .NET, mobile and Quality Assurance My company was very...

    Jadon Monte
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    Technology alone is useless. It must solve business problems and Deccansoft provides us with the right business solution using Microsoft...

    Stan Horger
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    The structure of the course is designed in way such that anyone from any background can easily learn most of the things...

    Prajjval Verma
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    I am very thankful to Mr. Rahul who is a trainer for SharePoint 2010. I felt this training was very informative when compared to online video training. My trainer is very knowledgable guy and he will explain all the queries with patience.
    At deccan soft, you will get full freedom and guidance to explore the new things.
    Overall, the training was more than satisfactory for me and its more than what I expected.

    Mohammad Iqbal Basha
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    Hi this is Prasanna, I joined in sandeep sir .net course, he is a very good trainer (obviously everyone knows about .net course). The very good thing about him is he not only teaches the course, he always tries to put the students in right direction with his words. If you approach him with your problem regarding the subject, then definitely he will suggest you, the same thing I did, I got benefit & I am really enjoying that. Now I got job INGERSOLLRAND @Bangalore. He never allow students those who come late to class , I am one among them , I still remembers the days, I use to run on road near paradise signal to rush into class within time. Now I am very punctual to my office. Every day 10mins before the class ends we had an activity like one person among the class give a speech on any topic, which gives really a boost up in our interviews. Sandeep divided my classmates into several groups and we you use to discuss about the subject, previous classes (if someone absent, the next day any one of the batch met should tell them), doubts, we shared our knowledge. Especially I got so many friends here. Also I am very happy for being a part of HILL CLIMBING (@Ammuguda,Hyd) with our batch Mets and Deccan soft staff. Also Rahul sir (SharePoint), he helped me a lot, he always cool and answers to all my questions with lot of patience, thanks a lot Rahul for this. Sirisha madam, she helps me in lab a lot, thank you madam. Sandeep sir always says one word I still remembered which is “Always share others happiness, then happiness comes to you”. Sandeep, u just Rokzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also,I appreciate the best support of kasmira , sateesh for students behalf of Deccansoft.

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    I don't have to say anything but the Deccan soft itself has got some thing great.Either it is Java or Ms.Net Deccan soft is the best place to learn.The faculty and material they provide prepares for the interviews and you dint have go to any text books.The learning curves used by the faculty makes every one ready for the software companies.The faculty concentrates on each and every student of the class.Even though they are strict in some aspects they teach you alot which are useful for your career.