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About courses

-Basic Courses in MS.NET that include:- C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET Web Forms

-Advanced Courses in MS.NET that include:- ASP.NET MVC, Web services, WCF and WPF

-SharePoint 2013

-SQL Server 2012



-Entity Framework

-Core Java

-Android Application Development

-Testing Tools

-Client side Web Technologies

-Cloud Computing

-Digital Marketing

-Design Patterens

-Ruby on Rails

-C Language

-Live Project

-Academic Project

Yes, we offer online training depending on the course and availability of the faculty, however the fee structure for such one on one online training is different than regular class room or video training sessions.

No, in order to successfully complete ASP.NET, you should have basic knowledge of either VB.NET or C# programming languages.

No, if you have basic knowledge of 'C' Language then only u can learn MS.NET Course.

Yes, you need to have knowledge of C Language.

SharePoint 2010 has three modules (Administrator, Developer, and Designer).You can enroll for any of the modules or the entire course. The Development module requires knowledge of MS.NET (i.e. either of C# or VB.NET programming languages) along with ASP.NET.

The Administrator module does not require any Programming background. A student interested in web technologies like HTML, XML, Javascript, CSS etc rather than programming or Administration can enroll in the Sharepoint Designer module.However enrolling for the SharePoint 2010 Administration module also is suggested as it will give you a much better understanding of the subject.

Yes, for example:-If you have time constraints and want to complete the course quickly,you have the option of attending VB.NET,C# and ASP.NET in parallel. In fact you can do as many courses in parallel depending upon each batch’s schedule and your flexibility within your validity period.

Yes, we provide very good course material in the form of handouts. The handouts cover thoroughly every concept with a number of practice examples and if practiced regularly and studied, it will give you a good grasp on the subject.

Yes, you can listen to our demo video sessions and if you are satisfied with the mode of teaching, then you can go ahead and enroll in the course. You can also attend the first class room session of the course and also decide if you wish to enroll in the course, since the first class of every class room session is also considered as a demo class.

We conduct workshops for the benefit of student community and working professionals so that they can update themselves with the latest and emerging technologies.

About Lab facilities

You can use it anytime from (9.00 am to 7.00 pm)

We have a lab coordinator who will assist you if you have a problem while practicing.

About Projects

Yes, we offer Live projects in areas of MS.NET and Java and also Academic projects. You will also be allocated a project guide, who will assist you.

About Installments

You can pay in installments however the fees will be higher than a package offer. A package offer payment will result in much higher savings when compared to payment in installments. In package offers you will be doing a onetime (lump sum) payment and as mentioned earlier, your savings will be tremendously higher than when you go for installment wise payment.

We accept payment by way of check, cash and any debit/credit card. However please note that a payment made through a card will be charged an additional 2% extra.

If it is within 1 year you will get 50% discount on the same course and 10% discount on other courses.

About Hostel Facility

No (But we will refer you to good hostels in areas nearby our office).

About Taking Breaks or Batch Transfers

To take a break in the middle of the course you have to take permission from your respective faculty.

Yes. However you should complete the second module ASP.NET within your validity period.

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