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We have used various techniques, to making the learning for the trainee easier & comfortable. And over the years we have developed a training method or system which ensures randomness is reduced and learning or behavioral change takes place in a structured format.

We use both Cognitive & Behavioral method to training and development depending upon the merit of the concept under discussion.

Concept Delivery Methods

  • Our lectures consists of introduction of the topic, purpose of the lecture and priorities and preference of the order in which the topic will be covered.
  • Lectures are used to create understanding of a topic or to influence behavior or attitude towards the topic.
  • Lecture enhance the knowledge of the trainee on the theoretical aspect of the subject under consideration.
  • In order to be effective, Lectures are followed up by demonstration.
  • Demonstration is a visual display of how something works or how something is done.
  • The trainer demonstrated how to do a particular task while doing it himself.
  • The trainer brings to trainee's attention on critical aspects of the task.
  • The trainer also explains why it should be carried out in that way.
  • All the complex topics are broken down into small factors and discussed with trainees.
  • The trainer through lectures provides the trainee with contexts about a topic that is supported, elaborated, explained and expanded through interactions both among trainees and between trainees and the trainer.
  • Discussion is done only on relevant subject where the trainer feels an need for discussion to avoid wastage of time.
  • Providing training through internet or intranet.
  • Computer based training does not require face-to-face interaction with a human trainer.
  • A highly evolved Learning Management system.
  • An LMS is the infrastructure that delivers and manages the rich training content.
  • It identifies or assesses individual learning or training goals, tracks progress towards meeting those goals and presents data for supervising the learning process as a whole.
  • It assembles and deliver learning content rapidly.
  • This is done either by giving access to pre-recorded topic by topic video content.
  • Or by making the trainer and the trainee meet virtually through the use of tools like team viewer, WebEx etc.
  • The trainee are put through simulated live project scenarios.
  • The process of running a live project is video taped and then is watched by the trainees.
  • The trainer explains what is done in live project situation, how it is done and why it is done.
  • It also run the trainee through the common mistakes committed and the adverse impacts of the same.
  • This process tabs into the innate inclination of trainees to observe others and discover how to do something new.
  • The trainee are then given brief about critical learning points that they should know.
  • Basically the trainer models the suitable behavior and the trainees are encouraged to practice suitable behavior.


The quality and effectiveness of any training program depends on the instructors.

  • Deccansoft instructors are professionals, who are knowledgeable and have real-world experience in application development.
  • The interactive session conducted during the class helps student to clear the concept and learn faster.
  • With rich experience in technology consulting, providing solutions for complex and diverse problems to corporate, all our instructors are well informed and conversant about the latest technological advancement in their specialization. Which eventually, enables them to impart technology beyond course content and help the students in overall understanding of applications.

Course Curriculum

We design and provide meaningful course content that focuses not just on software functionality, but also on how to get real work done. All our training manuals and the practice exercises are developed in-house and are specifically tailored based on industry needs. This personalized approach is the hallmark of Deccansoft. Our experience and expertise dramatically help you to enhance your capacity to develop the precise instructed solution that will positively impact your bottom line.

  • Constant Research and development ensure that our curriculum is up to date and industry relevant with reference to new technological advancement.
  • Course content that strikes a balance between concepts and tool based learning.

Few More

  • We are located in the heart of Secunderabad (Paradise Circle). You can find buses to reach or come from any part of the twin city.
  • Our student forum coming from varied background and different specialization area help share their practical technical and problem solving skills. This helps students in understanding more with their peers working in big corporates.
  • A widely recognized organization, which commands loyalty among its alumni and goodwill among the corporate for its quality and consistent training program.
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