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TypeScript & Angular 7 Training


Angular 7 Training in Hyderabad: Angular is a framework for building client applications in HTML and either JavaScript or a language like TypeScript that compiles to JavaScript.The framework consists of several libraries, some of them core and some optional.You write Angular applications by composing HTML templates with Angularized markup, writing component classes to manage those templates, adding application logic in services, and boxing components and services in modules.Then you launch the app by bootstrapping the root module. Angular takes over, presenting your application content in a browser and responding to user interactions according to the instructions you've provided.

Angular  and TypeScript Training at Deccansoft includes detailed explanation of every topic covering all the concepts related to the topic and is followed by practical demonstration / walkthrough of the same in classroom. Students in classroom will be provided with excellent course material prepared by our expert team so that the same can be used for revising the subject at later point of time (may be just before attending an interview). Our Angular 7 training center provides excellent course material which contains important points about the topic, sample programs and walkthroughs. These will help the participant to practice the examples independently and develop expertise in the subject knowledge.


  • Develop a ¬†modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with Angular 7
  • Use their gained, deep understanding of the Angular4 fundamentals to quickly establish themselves as front-end developers
  • Fully understand the architecture behind an Angular4 application and how to use it
  • Create single-page applications with on of the most modern JavaScript frameworks out there


  • JavaScript OOP basics (constructor pattern, inheritance, polymorphism, this object)
  • ES6 - class, extend, arrow function, import
  • TypeScript is identical to ES6, but has few more important features such as Interface, Type system & Decorators


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TypeScript & Angular 7 Training Syllabus

  1.     What is TypeScript? 
  2.     Benefits of TypeScript
  3.     Setup the Environment 
  4.     First TypeScript Example 
  1.   Basic Data Types 
  2.   Arrays  
  3.   Tuples 
  4.   Enum 
  5.   Any and void  
  6.   null and undefined 
  7.   Type Inference 
  8.   Type Casting 
  9.   Difference between let and var 
  10.   Const declaration
  1.  Array Destructuring 
  2.  Object Destructuring 
  3.  Mixed Destructuring 
  4.  Property renaming 
  5.  Default Values 
  6.  Spreads
  1.    Writing and Using Classes
  2.    Constructor method 
  3.    Inheritance of classes 
  4.    Type casting 
  5.    Type Assertion 
  6.    Static Properties 
  7.    Abstract class 
  1.   Interface Declaration and Initialization with an object 
  2.   Duck Typing 
  3.   Interface Implementation by class 
  4.   Interface having Optional Property 
  5.   Class extending another class and also implementing an Interface 
  6.   Excess Property Checks 
  7.   Indexable Types 
  8.   Extending Interfaces 
  1.  When to Use Generic Functions 
  2.  Generic Types 
  3.  Generic Interface 
  4.  Generic Classes 
  5.  Generic Constraints 
  6.  Using Type Parameters in Generic Constraint
  1.   Export Syntax 
  2.   Import Syntax 
  3.   Re-export 
  4.   Default exports 
  5.   Using require() 
  6.   Declaring and Using Namespaces 
  1.   Definition 
  2.   Syntax 
  3.   Examples 
  1.  What is Angular? 
  2.  Angular (vs) Angular2 (vs) Angular4 
  3.  Setup for local environment 
  4.  What is Typescript?
  1.  Structural directives (Built-in Directives (ngIF, ngFor, ngSwitch) 
  2.  Style and Class Directives ( ngClass, ngStyle) 
  3.  Attribute directives 
  4.  Host Listener and Host Binding 
  1.   Property binding and Interpolation 
  2.   Event binding 
  3.   Two-way Binding 
  4.   Use of @Input and @Output
  1.  What are components?
  2.  Understanding Components life cycle hooks 
  3.  Creating and using components 
  4.  Dynamic components using ngComponentOutlet
  1.   Root App module 
  2.   Ahead-Of-Time(AOT) Compilation 
  3.   Feature modules 
  4.   Lazy Loading a Module 
  5.   Shared Module 
  1.  Template Driven Forms  
  2.  Model Driven & Reactive Forms 
  3.  Form with @ViewChild 
  4.  Validations 
  5.  Resetting & submitting forms  
  6.  Custom Validators 
  1.  Why pipes are useful? 
  2.  Parameterizing pipes 
  3.  Custom pipes 
  4.  Pure and Impure pipes 
  5.  Async pipes 
  1.  Creating Service 
  2.  Logger Service 
  3.  $http Service 
  4.  Injectors 
  5.  Providers 
  6.  Tokens 
  7.  DI in Angular Framework 
  1.  Introduction 
  2.  Configuring & Navigating 
  3.  Parameterized routes
  1.  Creating Services 
  2.  Creating Components 
  3.  Creating Routings 
  4.  Configuring NgModule 
  5.  Run the application 
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