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Web Services & WCF Training


Web services and WCF Training helps in developing service oriented applications. A web service is an application which is accessed through protocols like SOAP. A Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) provides secured service oriented applications, secured and reliable web service, secured connection to remote applications and is independent of platform used for integration. WCF needs .NET Framework to build and run the services and it supports a wide range of standards like XML, XSD, XPath, WSDL etc.

In Web services and WCF Training course, we, at Deccansoft teach you how to develop service oriented applications with lot of examples, which makes you understand how two different applications can share the information. Web services and WCF Training course provides good knowledge on service oriented applications and also how the WCF has evolved over web service. Web services are still in use by some companies. So our Web Service Training will help you in attaining knowledge to work on service oriented applications which are still in development.

If you are looking for an institute which can give you the best Web service and WCF services training then Deccansoft could be your destination. We have the best trained, highly experienced faculty, guiding students over years. Fine training methods, along with step wise practical explanations, are followed for the students to gain total grip on the technology. Course material is given which cover all the topics along with step wise execution and examples. Well resourced lab is open for the students for about 12 hours to practice, and with faculty to assist.


At the end of WCF Training course, students will be able to:

  1. To understand Distributed computing and compare RMI, CORBA, DCOM and Remoting.
  2. To understand how SOA evolved from object orientation and componentization.
  3. To understand evolution and benefit of WCF over Web Services.
  4. To develop, configure and consume Web services using SOA.
  5. To understand the inspiration and architecture of SOA & WCF.
  6. To develop WCF service and client applications.
  7. To host a service in Web Server (IIS) or Console Application/Windows Service
  8. To understand channels, bindings, and configuration options.
  9. To handle runtime exception in WCF services and client applications
  10. To implement Asynchronous communication using MSMQ Server
  11. To manage transactions across service boundaries
  12. To Secure (Authenticate and authorization) access to WCF services
  13. To implement Routing Service
  14. Performing CRUD operations using WCF Data Service
  15. To understand REST protocol and develop and consume RESTful WCF Services


  1. C# Programming Language.
  2. Sql-Server


  • Duration: 20 hours
  • Regular classroom based training NOT available for this course.
  • Fast Track (1-1): No of hours per day can be as per convenience of participant.

Web Services & WCF Training Syllabus

  1. What is Distributed Application
  2. High Level Architecture on how RMI/CORBA/DCOM works
  3. Introduction to WebService & SOAP
  4. To build an WebService application and client
  5. Pass by value and reference behavior
  6. Working with SoapHeader Attribute
  7. Asynchronous Call to the WebMethod
  8. Security in WebService
  1. Evolution of WCF
  2. Evolution of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  3. Four Tenets of SOA
  4. What is WCF
  5. Where does WCF Services fit in?
  1. Hosting WCF Service in IIS/ASP .NET Development Server
  2. Using a Service in the client application
  3. Understand Contracts in the service. 
    1. .ServiceContract.
    2. .OperationContract.
    3. .DataContract.
  4. Understand Instancing behavior in the service.
    1. .Single
    2. .PerCall
    3. .PerSessio
  5. Building WCF Library based Host and Client application.
  1. End points in Configuration File.
  2. ABC - Address, Binding & Contract of the service in Configuration File.
  3. Understanding importance of base address.
  4. Importance of IMetadataExchange Contract / Endpoint.
  5. Configuring service behavior in configuration file
  6. WCF Service Configuration Editor
  7. Creating Endpoints through Code
  1. Understanding Channel Stack
  2. Introduction to Binding
  3. Types of Bindings.
  4. Binding Comparison
  5. Thumb rules in choosing endpoint binding
  6. Configuring a Service and Client for Multiple Bindings
  7. Binding Class Properties.
  1. About Service Contract
  2. Data Contract & Data Member
  3. Versioning using Interface IExtensibleDataObject
  4. Version Tolerance
    1. Implications of Modifying Service Operations
    2. Implications of Modifying Data Contracts
  5. Working with Known Types
  1. Overview
  2. Producing Faults
    1. SOAP fault with FaultCode and FaultReason
    2. Culture specific SOAP fault
    3. Strongly Typed SOAP fault
  3. Consuming Faults
  4. Proxy State for Managed Exceptions Vs SOAP Fault
  1. Request – Reply Pattern
  2. One way Operations
  3. Duplex Pattern
  4. Duplex Publisher Subscriber Example
  1. What is Transaction and ACID
  2. How to enable Transaction in WCF Service
  3. TransactionScope in to begin a transaction.
  4. Transaction Isolation
  5. Transactions and Sessions
  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages of using MSMQ
  3. Transactional Queues
  4. Steps to follow to Build a MSMQ application
  1. Concepts.
  2. Security Mechanisms.
  3. Default Security Settings.
  4. Demonstrate how Messages are encrypted.
  5. Authentication
    1. Windows Authentication
    2. HTTPS / SSL Authentication.
    3. ASP.NET Membership Authentication
    4. Custom Authentication
  6. Authorization
    1. Windows Group/Role based Authorization
    2. Custom Role based Authorization
    3. ASP.NET Role Provider

Routing Overview

WCF Data Service Overview

REST Services Overview


Sandeep Soni

Sandeep has 25 yrs of experience working in various Microsoft Technologies/Platforms incl. VB6.0, ASP, VC++, VB.NET, C#. He is involved in managing and architecting projects at Deccansoft. He will be your liaison to Deccansoft, for any kind of communication and project updates. more

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