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Web Designing


Web Designing is drafting and creation of websites.Design is the process of collecting ideas, and aesthetically arranging and implementing them, guided by certain principles for a specific purpose. This includes the information architecher , user interface, site structure,navigation, layout, colors, fonts, and imagery. All of these are combined with the principles of create a website that meets the goals of the owner and designer. Web design is a similar process of creation, with the intention of presenting the content on electronic web pages, which the end-users can access through the internet with the help of a web browser.

Deccansoft Web Designing Training course is the entry level program for all those beginners who are looking for a career in Website design and thus will have to begin with designing command over the HTML syntax. At our Web design Training Institute, our course not only helps one in understanding language syntax, but it also helps in knowing good practices to become a successful designer. At our Web Designing training in Hyderabad, teaching methodology is such that our trainers will ease teach participants HTML language use the same interchangeable for other advanced topics like HTML5, CSS3, Photo Shop, Illustrator etc.., We assure you that learning Web designing will surely make you a better candidate to get jobs than most of the other fresher's who learn only one programming language.

Web Design Training at Deccansoft includes detailed explanation of every topic covering all the concepts related to the topic and is followed by a practical demonstration / walk-through of the same in the classroom. Students in the classroom will be provided with excellent course material prepared by our expert team so that the same can be used in for revising the subject at later point of time (may be just before attending an interview). Our Web design training center provides excellent course material which contains important points about the topic, sample programs and walk-throughs. These will help the participant to practice the examples independently and develop expertise in the subject knowledge.


  • Define the principle of Web page design
  • Define the basics in web design
  • Visualize the basic concept of HTML
  • Recognize the elements of HTML.
  • Introduce basics concept of CSS.
  • Develop the concept of web publishing


  • Basic knowledge in HTML tags & skill of creating web pages should be known
  • Basics of CSS3, Photo Shop
  • Knowledge of basic Computer hardware & software is also necessary.

  • Duration

    • Regular classroom based training. 1 month.
    • Online 1-1 trainingplease send us your request to orcall +91 4027841517 / 27815225 / 8555823343

    Web Designing Syllabus

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