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"Microsoft WPF(Windows presentation foundation) is the engine that is responsible for creating, displaying and manipulating user-interfaces, documents, images, movies and media in Rich UI Windows Applications.”

In this WPF training course, developers who know the basics of Windows Forms development gain more advanced Windows Client design and development skills. The WPF training course provides a series of walk-throughs & lab assignments which introduce and explain all the features of WPF in easiest way for a beginner to understand. This WPF online course is very useful for writing MCTS Exam 70-511(Windows Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0) as the WPF tutorial also improves the skills of a student in examination point of view.


  • To understand the scope of WPF and role of XAML
  • To learn about various built-in controls and integration with Winforms controls
  • To design the UI using various Layout controls in WPF
  • To develop interactive applications responding to keyboard and mouse events
  • To be able to customize the Look and Feel of the site using Styles and Themes
  • To build data centric applications with various DataBinding facilities
  • To create custom templates for controls
  • To provide printing and preview facility for the documents.
  • To learn WPF applications can be used in Browser interface.
  • To develop animated and media intensive applications.


Student should have a good knowledge on MS.NET.


  • Regular classroom based training NOT available for this course.
  • Fast Track(1-1): No of hours per day can be as per convenience of participant.
  • Visit for online training, please visit:
  • Online 1-1 trainingplease send us your request to or cal+91 40 27841517 / 27815225 / 8555823343

WPF & MVVM Syllabus

  1. What is WPF
  2. Goals, Benefits & Drawbacks
  3. First WPF Application
  4. Types of WPF Application (Windows Based and Browser Based)
  5. WPF Architecture – Content Model
  6. Versions of WPF
  7. XAML – Extensible Application Markup Language.
    1. Overview
    2. Advantage
    3. XAML vs Code
    4. Properties and Elements
    5. Implicit Type Conversion
    6. Markup Extensions
    7. Namespaces
  1. Content Controls: Button, CheckBox, RadioButtom, RepeatButton, ToggleButton, ToolTip, Explander, GroupBox
  2. Text Controls: TextBox, TextBlock, RichTextBox, PasswordBox, Label
  3. List Controls: ComboBox, ListBox, StatusBar, TabControl, Toolbar, TreeView,  ListView, Menu
  4. Shapes Control: Rectangle, Ellipse, Line, Polyline, Polygon
  5. Media Controls: Image, InkCanvas, ViewBox, MediaElement, WebBrowser
    1. Windows Forms Host: NotifyIcon, DateTimePicker,
  6. Misc Controls: Progress Bar,  Slider, ScrollBar, Separator, GridSplitter
  1. Border
  2. Canvas
  3. DockPanel
  4. Grid
  5. StackPanel
  6. UniformGrid
  7. WrapPanel
  8. Viewbox
  9. ScrollViewer
  10. Common Layout Properties
  1.  Mouse Events
  2.  Keyboard Input
  3.  Routed Events
  1.  Inline Styles
  2.  Named Styles
  3.  Element Typed Styles
  4.  Triggers
  5.  Logical and Visual Trees
  1.  Creating and using Resources
  2.  Resources and Styles
  3.  Pens
  4.  Brush
  5.  Fonts
  6.  Window Level and Application Level
  1.  Simple Data Binding
  2.  Binding to List Data
  3.  Data Source Providers
  4.  Master Details Binding
  1.  Logical and Visual trees
  2.  Data Driven UI
  1.  Fixed Documents
  2.  Flow Documents
  1.  Page
  2.  Hyperlink Navigation
  3.  Navigation Service
  4.  Frame
  1.  Animation Fundamentals
  2.  Timelines
  3.  Keyframe Animations
  4.  Storyboard
  5.  Animation without Storyboard
  6.  Transformation and Effects
  7.  Three Dimensional Drawing

XBAP Application


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