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Xamarin Forms


Xamarin Mobile Application Development allows learners to design and develop Native Mobile applications across different mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone, using C#.
This Xamarin Mobile Application Development course enables developers to write Native-looking UIs using C# and Xamarin Libraries. Xamarin Apps are built using standard, native user interface controls. The app built on Xamarin not just looks like a native app, but also functions like one - with full features. Xamarin apps have access to the entire spectrum of functionalities available through the underlying device and platform. Training is best suited for mobile application developers having knowledge of C# and Visual Studio, who wish to gain skills in building cross platform apps in Android as well as iOS platforms.



  • Understand and implement the Xamarin Forms Development KIT
  • Utilize Xamarin Studio for developing cross-platform Native Apps for Android and iOS
  • Understand the Xamarin functionality for designing the User Interface of the app
  • Creating and managing fragments and specialized fragment classes
  • Integration of Camera API and location/maps functionality
  • Deploy and publish apps on the store


Basic knowledge on programming language C#. Basic knowledge on WPF is added advantage.


1 month

Xamarin Forms Syllabus

  1. About Mono 
  2.  What Is Xamarin Forms? 
  3.  Cross-platform mobile development 
  4.  Xamarin vs. Xamarin.Forms 
  5.  Developing Environment            


  1.  Cross-platform options (Shared Projects,PCL Solution)
  2.  Activity Lifecycle 
  1.   Pages (Content Page,Navigation Page,Tabbed Page,master-details,Carousel Page)
  2.   Layouts (StackLayout,RelativeLayout ,AbsoluteLayout )
  4.   cells
  1.   XAML Basics 
  2.   XAML Compilation 
  3.   XAML Namespaces 


  1.   Navigation 
  2.   Styles (Introduction ,Explicit Styles ,Implicit Styles,GobalStyles)
  3.   ListView 
  4.   Maps 


  1.   Light Theme 
  2.   Dark Theme 
  3.   Creating a Custom Theme 
  1. Database Access
  1.  Consuming Rest Service 
  2.   Working with network resources like HTTPs, JSON, Cloud Services 


App Deployment  


Xamarin UI Test and Xamarin Test cloud  


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